Insights and Advice from the Next Dev Media Team

How to Kick Fear to the Curb and Do “It” Anyway

I have always been relatively fearless in my life and it has served me well in many respects. I feel that my life experience has allowed me to be more open, more compassionate and more enlightened about the ways in … Read More

The Game Changing Jet for Business Travel

Recently, Boeing and Air Canada announced their new jet: theĀ 787 Dreamliner. This plane is a game changer for travel in general but more specifically, for business travel.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to experience the plane and fly … Read More

What Does Your Success Look Like?

In 2004, the year that this business was launched, success, to me, looked like my first client. My first check written out to my business. My first submission through the contact form.

Success looked like my first business trip, … Read More

5 Content Suggestions for Your Facebook Page

So, you’ve set up a Facebook page and you may be sitting there thinking, now what? Figuring out what to post to your Facebook page can cause stress in even the savviest of us. This post will serve to … Read More

Four Ways to Move Your Business to the Cloud

If your computer died tomorrow, would you be easily able to jump onto a new system and work? If not, this post will illustrate the things you should do to move your work space to the cloud and create … Read More